La Vecchia Dispensa

This could be a very romantic story. First, we must set the scene: the little town of Castelvetro is set on one of the first lines of hills that sweep up from the plain of the River Po, and carry on to become the towering Apennines. It was here that the Pelloni family had a beautiful restaurant bordering the chequerboard square, where old Mrs. Pelloni cooked, Mr. Pelloni chatted to the executives from the nearby Ferrari factory in Marinello (and other guests) who were dining there, and young Roberta was the waitress. One day, down from the snowy mountains, came a handsome young ski instructor, who fell in to the arms of Roberta. But was Marino going to be accepted in to the family? Not until he learnt how to make Balsamic Vinegar, which he did over many years under the tutelage of his by-now father-in-law.
Enough of all that... However they came to it, the family make wonderful balsamic vinegar in the traditional way. Their attention to detail is reflected in the superb quality of their products and the care that they take to produce them. The grapes that produce the must come from local producers, the barrels have been in the family for generations.

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